“My Mimi Has Wings”

Is a woman’s story about her childhood dream of flying and the messages she wants to leave to her grandchildren. Mimi speaks to her grandchildren about how she dreamed of flying as a child and how she grew up thinking that she could never make her dream come true.

As you read along, you can hear the author speaking to her grandchildren. Mimi wants them to know her as a real person and as a child with dreams, just like them. “My Mimi Has Wings” imparts several lessons and is intended to be a legacy for the author’s grandchildren. Wonderful illustrations by Elizabeth Allen enhance the story and aptly set the scene.

The Author

Kathy grew up in a large family and always had dreams of flying. "My Mimi Has Wings" is a wonderful story about how you can truly achieve anything if you just put your mind to it and believe in yourself. Dreams really can come true and girls can be pilots too!!

Meet Nolan!

Meet Nolan - he was the inspiration for this book. Kathy wants Nolan, Hadley and any future grandchildren to know her as a child with dreams.It seems most kids think that their grandparents are so old that they never were kids themselves.

Dream Big

Every child is born with wings. Finding them and having the courage to use them is one of the most important lessons in life. It's never too old to learn to fly. That is Kathy's message to her grandchildren.